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French Country Retreat

This European inspired bedroom is for a client that we've had for many years. We have redesigned her home, one room at a time, allowing us to tune into each individual space and ensure that every detail is perfect.

This beautiful master bedroom was designed to feel like a European getaway. The small scale furniture, elaborate wallpaper, and antique headboard contribute to the French Country theme. The headboard is an antique fan window taken from a building in the early 1900's; it is an example of a piece that took time to find but was entirely worth the wait because of what it adds to the room.

The damask wallpaper is French inspired with metallic undertones that provide a nice glow and color. We decided not to wallpaper the entire room because we wanted the bed wall to be the focal point and the rest to be light, airy, and complimentary.

Custom drapery and furniture complete this quaint French country retreat.